Aiko Tezuka

Aiko Tezuka: Ghost I met, 2013
Multicoloured fabric
Courtesy Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin

Aiko Tezuka: Rewoven, 2005
Various fabrics
Courtesy Stiftung für die Hamburger Kunstsammlungen

Ghost I met, 2013

The distance is important: the gap between the two halves of the picture.

The left half of the picture features a wealth of Japanese forms, including 7thcentury embroidery, 8thcentury fabrics and silk shoes, a 13thcentury Buddha statue and kimonos from various eras.

The right half of the picture is a collection of various European forms, including ancient Greek statues, Coptic textiles, Celtic patterns from the 7thcentury, French and Spanish Baroque paintings, and embroidery from 17thcentury England.

From the respective layered juxtapositions, a third, ghostly figure emerges. It bridges the gap, though probably not permanently.